The Key Values of a Top Real Estate Agent with Steven Shane

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Whether a seller's or buyer's agent, a typical real estate market is teeming with all kinds of professionals looking to close a deal with - or on behalf of - investors and buyers. Depending on the intent, these people are there for consultations or representations for clients selling property or buying one. The service is usually for a fee or commission.
Real estate agents are the most important sets of experts in the business. It’s no surprise that most buyers and sellers use their services today. Knowing what a top real estate agent has to offer could help whenever you’re in the market.
Even better is when you’ve got a seasoned real estate agent like Steven Shane to share his experience in offering excellent services to homebuyers and clients.
Shane has decades of experience in the real estate industry and likes to talk about his winning strategies to help new entrants. He features on Icons of Real Estate Podcast, one of the best real estate podcasts in the real estate sector, diving into how a real estate agent can add the most value to clients.
This piece reviews helpful tips on how the best real estate agents add value to their trade.

1. Value-Driven Real Estate Agents Help Buyers Get a Quick Mortgage Pre-Approval

Securing finances through a mortgage is one of the crucial stages of property buying. Typically, it shouldn’t be a tedious process, not if a top real estate agent has anything to do with it. Generally, they can link potential buyers with the best mortgage services for the deal.
Interestingly, these seasoned agents take their time to understand the client’s unique preferences and recommend the most suitable mortgage product.
You’d agree that’s much better than suggesting mortgage brokers randomly, which often turns out to be a hit-or-miss for the property buyers.
A potential homebuyer mostly cares about securing a mortgage pre-approval at the best rates, and as quickly as possible. Hiring a top real agent gets them their best shot at that.

2. They Broker Win-Win Deals Between the Buyer and Seller

Homebuyers are often wary of getting the shorter end of the stick on a property purchase. However, the sentiment is the same with the seller. In a market as volatile as real estate, deals often need compromises. You’re better off having a well-versed buyer or seller's agent handle it.
They can take on the buyer's agent role, using their experience to deduce a win-win situation for you and the seller. Whether to leverage a seller’s concession or a compelling counteroffer, top real estate agents know the right tricks to seal a deal to leave a happy client.
Beyond that, any buyer's agent that knows their onions understands that a great deal doesn’t always have to mean the dollars the client gets to save.
Sometimes, recommending a full-price offer or an early appraisal amount release makes for a purchase process with which both the buyer and seller come away happy.
What's more, a real estate professional can help buyers get better deals on their closing costs or ensure they make it in time to the closing table.

3. They Know the Actual Asset Value Before Purchase

Information is power, a saying that holds in the real estate market today. Mainly, a margin exists between the actual and perceived value of assets on sale. Whoever has that information may seek the upper hand in a purchase deal.
A real estate professional knows this and can help buyers before they close the deal.
For instance, a buyer's agent can deduce the actual value of properties in a real estate transaction using metrics like cosmetic condition, size, national association policies, etc.
Effectively, the information lets the buyer know when they’re overpaying for a property or if they’re about to lose out on the entire process.

4. They Are on Hand to Manage the Situation

Owning a home is a lovely experience, and planning for a dream home is lovely. However, the reality is that the average home-buying process is drawn-out and intensive. Lots of uncertainties and conditions need consideration between the buyer and seller, and someone needs to be the calming factor in the deal.
Real estate negotiations can be tricky, as both buyer and seller clash in attempts to get the terms they want. With an interface that personal, it's unsurprising that egos often run high and disrupt positive communication.
Fortunately, real estate agents offer what every buyer and seller needs in such scenarios: an objective mediator to bring all parties together in agreement. They provide a sense of security by keeping everyone honest, ensuring that each party gets a fair deal and is satisfied with the outcome.
Moreover, they can handle logistical requirements on behalf of their clients -- such as arranging home inspections or countering too-good-to-be-true offers from sellers -- as well as smooth out bumpy conversations between interested parties.
Working with a real estate agent is especially beneficial for people buying their first dream home and less experienced buyers who don’t have the confidence or know-how to handle complex negotiations and deals on their own. Having a professional real estate agent has never been more beneficial, no matter the type of negotiation involved.

How to Add Value as a Real Estate Agent

It helps to know how a top real estate agent can add value to clients. What if you want to become one yourself?
It is primarily true that becoming a top-ranking real estate agent takes time. However, the timing is subjective and challenging to quantify. What's more, there are things you need to learn theoretically. For instance, you might need to know the nuances of a home inspection in a specific area on paper.
As such, it’s much better to focus on getting the skills and learning the tricks a professional seller or buyer's agent use. Below are some handy tips to set you on the path to being an excellent real estate agent.

● Sharpen Up on the Market

Regardless of your degree and certifications, your estate management and agent skills will be tested by your experience in a given market. For many agents, the difference between being a rookie and a seasoned veteran is your level of market awareness. How well do you know your real estate market?
Therefore, you must devote time and resources to sharpening your knowledge of the current trends in the property market in which you operate.
It helps when an agent starts with property values: learning to derive actual and estimated property values and purchase prices using comp research.
Furthermore, it’s best to broaden up and research a broader part of the market to help you keep up with the sales figures, trends, and how they affect the aggregate housing market in a given state.

A top real estate agent gathering information to add value

● Lose the Stereotype

You might have heard that real estate agents are sleazy hustlers looking for the next hapless homebuyer they can fleece. Such a stereotype is wrong and unfair to the many top real estate agents who have put in long, honest work hours upholding clients’ best interests.
However, it might do you little good to dwell on such assumptions while working your way up the ranks. The earlier you stop conforming to the stereotype, the quicker you’ll get relevant agent experience.
You can start by being upfront and intentional with your sales pitches, home price listings, and lead generation.
The goal is to make the clients and prospects feel in control while you don’t lose it yourself. Whether you're the buyer or seller's agent, you don’t want to hustle out deals - that’s not the way to the top. Also, don’t be in a hurry to round up the deal for your commission, and don’t give such an impression to prospects.

● Use Technology to Streamline Your Processes

Technology’s benefit in today’s digital world isn’t so much about convenience as what it lets you do. With newer technology and the internet, top real estate agents can now handle sections of their operations, so they can prioritize and focus on others.
For instance, a listing agent can generate more passive leads through social media posts, email, and digital marketing campaigns. That way, you can pull in more prospects while you improve on the services you intend to offer them. Nowadays, SEO for real estate is much more automated, so you can find a tool that lets you become visible online quickly.

Wrapping Up

Real Estate agents are one of the more essential professionals needed in the property and investment market. However, how can one tell a professional one? What values can they offer you if you want to secure a home deal through them?
These are essential considerations, so Steven Shane has taken the time to highlight some of the fundamental values you can expect from top real estate agents. It may interest you that articles like these are from the stables of Homes By Ardor, an excellent repository for all things real estate.


If you’re looking to forge a career as a real estate agent, you’d need to get every valuable resource on the current market trends. Since you can’t buy the experience that easily, you might want to pay attention to the knowledge other seasoned agents have to share. Steven Shane is happy to lead the way on how to offer value as a real estate agent.

You can find the rest of Steven’s thoughts on his podcast episode, where he goes more in-depth into what makes up a professional agent in the game.

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